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The $1 Million Campaign for a Home for Tuscaloosa's One Place

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Having one place for the agency to be housed has been our foremost need for many years.  TOP previously rented three houses and utilized three portable classrooms that required frequent major repairs, proving very costly for the agency. We utilized every area of the buildings but were in dire need of more room to offer services and programs. Moreover, the quality of our facilities did not reflect the quality of our programs and services. Over the past few years, two of the rental houses were sold, resulting in the urgency to find a home. Efforts to pursue a single facility produced several ideas, but we have found the most cost-effective method to be the purchase of an existing structure.


Building Acquisition:                         $750,000

Renovations:                                   $150,000

Furnishings, Fixtures & Equipment:    $50,000

Misc. Project Fees & Contingency:      $40,000

Administration/Fundraising Expense:  $10,000

TOTAL:                                             $1,000,000


The Board of Directors of Tuscaloosa’s One Place identified a new facility which houses the entire agency with its 30+ employees and 20 programs. Our new downtown home was purchased in April of 2018 is located at 810 27th Avenue, Tuscaloosa.  We love our new home and neighborhood, but there is much left to be done. Originally a law office built over 30 years ago, our new home needs major renovations and repairs to do what we do best – serve our clients in a place that feels like home.


If we are going to meet the needs of the future, we need a dignified, comfortable place that will inspire confidence in those we serve that their needs will be met in an environment that inspires success and hope.  For the first time in TOP history, we have the ability to apply for large grants to serve West Alabama, and as such, we need a home that reflects the good work we do while inspiring confidence among current and potential funders that we will ably steward the resources they provide and achieve maximum community impact. Through this campaign, your investment in TOP will help serve entire families in ONE local and centralized facility, reinvesting into programming, and in the end will strengthen all of our West Alabama communities.

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 The Pass & Gunter Families 

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At 44 years old, Revette became a firsttime parent when a family member left her with a baby girl. Always wanting to be a mother, Revette says, “I didn’t know what I needed to learn.” She soon  enrolled in parenting programs at TOP, learning everything available, including feeding, car seats, discipline, child development, and more. Revette has since become an ambassador for the agency in our community and plans to keep learning all she can to strive for more and reach new goals.


TOP Client

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“Tuscaloosa’s One Place is a prime
example of a community agency
doing things right for families.”


Dr. Jerry Milner
Associate Commissioner of the Children’s Bureau
US Department of Health and Human Services